Family Forever

Our dogs take such pleasure from the simple daily experiences we often overlook. Their appreciation and enthusiasm is a gift for us to witness.

Whether we are on an epic hike in the woods or just sitting lazily on the couch, sharing these moments with our dogs is affirmation of time well spent.

Dogs are truly special creatures that remind us of the importance of love and belonging. They do this without words or expectations.

We give our dogs a home and in return they give us family forever.

A dog started it all…

Many of us have had special dogs in our lives that inspired us and by their presence made our experiences so much greater. For me it was Nico aka “the Bear”.

In 2001 I was fortunate to have met this remarkable dog at a time when he was in need of a new home and I jumped at the chance to make him part of my family. His enthusiasm for adventure was contagious and from the first day with him my life was supercharged.

I have been a lifelong artist and craftsman so it was inevitable that I would combine my passion for hand crafting things with my love for Nico and make him a special collar. This was the moment of origin for Kahnco and the sentiment behind why we continue to make collars today.

Nico’s Original Collar
Our hope is that each collar we hand craft celebrates the love we receive from our dogs and embodies the way our lives are immeasurably improved by their presence in our homes.

The Workshop

Kahnco is a family run atelier located in Port Washington NY where we dedicate our efforts and focus our passions towards making hand crafted products for dogs.

Our appreciation for quality and design underscores our mission to create unique, limited quantity goods that embodies our love for all the dogs in our lives.

Quality Materials

We take pride in our craft so we choose to work with the highest quality materials available. We source our leathers from the finest tanneries in the US and England. Our fabrics are from the greatest mills worldwide and all the hardware is made from solid Brass and Copper for its long-term durability and ability to patina gracefully.