NYC Transit Authority

Yes, NYC wasn’t so clean and safe back in the day but it was filled with real characters and admirable creativity was flowing out of its inhabitants.

A city with some grit has soul and we personally miss that. The vintage NYC subway token is emblematic of New York’s ability to inspire and gazing upon it brings back memories for many of us. We are offering a limited run of genuine vintage token collars for those who share our sentiment for New York of days past.

Check out Martin Scorsese’s 1985 movie “After hours” for a taste of NY in the 80’s!

This edition will be limited to 50 pieces.

Customize Your Collar


If you are concerned about using a tailors tape to measure your dog we recommend selecting the “Kahnco tape” option. It’s free of charge and we will dispatch a tape out to you right away. Upon receipt, simply follow the directions and email us the size number you get on the tape and we will take it from there.
For collar name plate

How To Measure

Since we are crafting each collar per order, it is very important to take a good measurement of your dog in order to receive a collar with an ideal fit. We recommend using a tailors tape measure as one would use for garment fitting. A proper measurement is taken from the midpoint of your dog’s neck, not too low by the shoulders and not too high by the jawline. We just need the actual measured number and the collar will provide for adjustment up and down from the ideal size.