Vamos! Leashes

Our dog leashes are awesome! We make them with the finest Tech cordage in the world and each has a leather hand grip so the cord doesn’t bite into your hand when “you know who” pulls.

Sliding loop

We designed the handle of our leashes as a sliding loop so you can open it up and put the leash around your waist for a hands-free walk with your dog. The standard length of our leashes is 6 feet but we can make any length you want, just contact us to let us know your needs.

There is a 3 week lead time for all products

9 Styles to Choose From


How To Measure

Since we are crafting each collar per order, it is very important to take a good measurement of your dog in order to receive a collar with an ideal fit. We recommend using a tailors tape measure as one would use for garment fitting. A proper measurement is taken from the midpoint of your dog’s neck, not too low by the shoulders and not too high by the jawline. We just need the actual measured number and the collar will provide for adjustment up and down from the ideal size.